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WebSend is a Java applet that uses an Internet browser to upload and download files. It works best with Windows ME, 2000, or XP, although some users have been able to use WebSend with Windows 98SE. If you see only a gray box on this page, you will need to download and installing the latest version of Java from You must restart your PC after you have installed Java. You should also make sure your browser's security settings are set to enable Java applets. In Internet Explorer, this setting can be found under Tools | Internet Options | Security | Custom Level, scroll down toward the bottom to Scripting of Java Applets and check Enable. If a pop-up window appears referring to a unknown certificate, you can safely accept it. Finally, some pop-up blockers prevent Java applets such as the WebSend program from loading; you may need to configure your pop-up blocker accordingly.

Click on Connect to open the profile manager window, select New Profile and give the profile a name that is meaningful to you. Under Website/IP Address enter the website/IP address, username, and password which you were given. If you wish to use encryption, select the Encryption Password option and enter an encryption password twice. Once all profile information has been entered, click on Add Profile to save the log-in information to the PC. Click on Connect to log in to the FTP site.

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